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  • boxes for potatoes
  • boxes for apples
  • boxes for meat

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Boxes for vegetables and meat

Box for potatoes and apples.
A box for storage of potatoes, accommodates 48 kg. potatoes, this is about 2 bags. You can also use a box for apples and other vegetables. Our plastic box is designed for transportation and storage of any products. Meets hygienic standards for food storage. Made of frost resistant polypropylene.

• Weight - 2.65 kg.

• Capacity - 90 liters.

• Is placed 48 kg. potatoes

• Size is 600 x 400 x 415 mm.

• Temperature operating mode: - 30 + 60 С

• Color: white, green, dark green.

• When ordering from 500 pieces, any color.

In the non-working state, it is inserted one into one, taking up a minimum of space. In the working, after filling the products, unfold on 180 degrees and fix on special ledges of the product. You can store in several tiers (depending on the weight of the products), which also saves storage space. It is made in size taking into account the installation of 4 drawers on the europallet (fixed one to the other projections-hooks, because not always the way of movement of the cargo to the place of storage or loading is sufficiently even) in one tier, 8 boxes in two tiers, etc..

Box for meat, fish, sand, salting, liquids.
The box is large solid with lids on the curtains (possibly sealed). Large boxes are suitable for storing meat products, salting fish, pickling meat, pickling chicken, use in sanitary purposes for storing chemicals and other food and non-food purposes. Can be used with or without a lid. Made of primary frost-resistant impact-resistant plastic. Certificate of state registration of the vehicle.

• Weight - 7,2 kg.

• Capacity - 180 liters.

• With two covers.

• Size 800 x 600 x 620 mm.

• Temperature operating mode: - 30 + 60 С

• Color: gray

• When ordering from 500 pieces, any color.

• Meets hygiene standards

• For food storage.