• plastic chair

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Plastic chair

The chair is made of shockproof plastic that does not break.


• Width - 60 cm.

• Height - 83 cm.

• Depth - 57cm.

• The chair weighs - 2.5 kg.

• Permissible load - 180 kg.

• Color - dark green, brown.

Plastic chair - a practical solution

A plastic chair or chair is an inexpensive and practical solution for outdoor use. Products will help comfortably accommodate guests at a picnic, tourist rally or other outdoor event. Bright plastic furniture will decorate the summer cottage and the courtyard of a private house. In addition, it is perfect for recreation centers, summer cafes, beaches, hotels and other public spaces.

Advantages of polymer chairs:

• Products are made of lightweight material, which greatly facilitates their transportation and placement.

• The cost of a plastic chair or chair is low, especially compared with products from wood, vines and other natural raw materials.

• The product is not afraid of moisture, which means it can remain in the rain and snow, and can also be used in pools and beach areas.

• The chair made of plastic is resistant to temperature changes; it is not necessary to bring it into the room or under a canopy after each use.

• Attractive appearance of the product due to the juicy shade and soft streamlined shape.

• The plastic chair is unpretentious in leaving: it is easy to wash and clean it.

• Furniture made of polymers is color fast and does not fade in the sun.

Chair design features

The product has a comfortable seat with a light relief that prevents slipping. The reclining backrest provides back support and promotes proper relaxation. Perforation imitates the interweaving of natural fibers. On the armrests connected to the back, you can comfortably position your hands. The piece of furniture is equipped with four stable legs.

The product is made of high strength polymer and is designed for a long service life. The chair is not afraid of falls and bumps. The monolithic design is able to withstand a significant load. For safe operation, all edges are rounded.

Plastic chair care

Wipe the surface with a soft, damp cloth. For extensive soiling, washing with a soap-based detergent is recommended. Do not use solvents or other aggressive substances that can damage the plastic.