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    Plastic products


    We manufacture our products on modern equipment from high-quality raw materials, characterized by an optimal combination of strength and elasticity, the ability to use in a wide temperature range, and also ensuring environmental safety of products during transportation and storage.. Go to catalog

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    BIMAplast Ltd. specializes in the production, wholesale and supply of products from plastics of various uses - europallets (pallets), perforated boxes, benches for relaxation, chaise lounges, welding rods. Go to pallets

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    Pallets for export

    According to the calculations, plastic containers are profitable when organizing deliveries not only within the country, but also abroad, and pays off, on average, for 10-15 cycles, that is, less than two months in modern high-tech production conditions. Go to pallets

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    Minimum Cost

    Using plastic containers (pallets, boxes) allows you to reduce the cost of packaging and transportation of products from the supplier to consumers. Go to Sun lounger

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    All offered products are certified and accompanied by the required documents. Quality control is given great attention. Go to bench

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    Plastic boxes and pallets are much more convenient when moving and storing different products than wooden analogs. In addition, modern packaging is an important means to promote the goods on the market, as well as a way to increase sales. Go to box

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    The delivery of products is carried out all over the world both by the company's transport and by the client's transport. Go to welding rod