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Beach lounger

Our beach lounger is made of shock resistant high quality polypropylene.


• Length - 185 cm;

• Width -64 cm;

• Height - 32 cm;

• Weight - 9.5 kg;

• Weight capacity - 250 kg;

• 5 positions of sunbed back;

• Color - white.

Crash test of a plastic sun longer

Why buy a beach lounger?

A quality furniture representative - a sunbed - should be on every suburban area!

The advantages of a sun lounger:

• Universality (sun lounger may be placed in any place);

• Portability and mobility (made of up-to-date materials sun lounger may be easily moved);

• Convenience for users (sun lounger was developed according to human’s anatomic features);

• Transformation (plastic lounger may be adjusted to individual wishes of users due to regulable back);

• Cost effectiveness (cost of plastic lounger will not collapse family budget, but will satisfy all expectations).


Relaxation near water reservoir will bring you better feelings if you take along properly projected furniture. By means of sun lounger you would obtain beautiful uniform tan. And also you don’t need to spend much time to create comfort conditions on beach. Remember to take away comfortable bed and to place it wherever you wish. Before taking an irreversible decision pay special mention to the quality of fabrication. Check whether all components of product meet essential safety requirements in order the lounger doesn’t spoil your weekend. Abidance by mentioned criteria would safe a client against unsatisfactory product.

What is a good sun lounger made of?

Having decided to buy an instrument for getting satisfaction in nature's lap many potential owners take thought what is better. Although wood is natural raw material it’s necessary to mention benefits of plastic, as following: light weight, ecologically friendly, easy to use, do not become carious, bleached or broken, as it is plastic. Sun lounger may be used not only alone with nature but also in any trip. Sun lounger would provide you with maximum relaxing pastime ensuring calm. Sun bed would present you essential minutes of silence and tranquility which is so needed to citizens. In a large variety of sun loungers each buyer is able to make a correct choice. We always provide a guarantee to our sun loungers.