• plastic table

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Plastic table

The table is made of shockproof plastic that does not break.

Characteristics of the round table:

• Diameter - 90 cm.

• Height - 71 cm.

• Weight - 5 kg.

• Color - Dark Green, Brown

Characteristic square table:

• Size - 80x80 cm.

• Height - 71 cm.

• Weight - 5 kg.

• Color - Dark Green, Brown

Tables for street and home

Want to decorate your cottage? Do you like outdoor activities? Looking for a quality product? A plastic table is an ideal choice. Square, round, for home, garden, open space. Minimalistic design that fits into any interior. The abundance of colors and shapes. Eco-friendly material, odorless. Affordable price - the most necessary for a bargain.

Advantages of polymer tables:

• Products are made of lightweight material, which greatly facilitates their transportation and placement.

• The cost of a plastic table is low, especially compared with products from wood, vines and other natural raw materials.

• The product is not afraid of moisture, which means it can remain in the rain and snow, and can also be used in pools and beach areas.

• Materials guaranteeing a long service life and very high limits of acceptable operation.

• Plastic tables are unpretentious in leaving: they are easy to wash and clean.

• Furniture made of polymers is color fast and does not fade in the sun.

Why exactly us?

Plastic tables from our company are synonymous with quality, reliability and durability. The use of upscale, modern production methods. A professional approach to each product, the shortest production time, taking into account all the wishes of the client, All this is our work.

Plastic table care

Wipe the surface with a soft, damp cloth. For extensive soiling, washing with a soap-based detergent is recommended. Do not use solvents or other aggressive substances that can damage the plastic.